Laura Veirs dreams of a peaceful post-internet world on “Another Space and Time”

We’re just a few weeks away from the release of Laura Veirs‘ 11th studio album My Echo, and following the brilliant singles “Burn Too Bright” and “Turquoise Walls” we now have a third in the form of “Another Space and Time”.

The new track ripples with desperate swipes at positivity over a lightly bossa nova beat. Veirs dreams of “Another Space and Time” where the internet dies, California is not on fire and the seas aren’t rising. The track’s beautiful wishes are built upon by tasteful strings, warm vocal chants, and even a sultry sax solo. It all comes together to make you truly feel like you are cloistered in Veirs’ idyllic vision of the world.

The video for “Another Space and Time” finds Veirs in a park drifting into a peaceful place. She says:

This is the first time I’ve danced in a music video. I loved dancing in it! It was choreographed by a Portland-based Brazilian dancer named Nelson Euflauzino (who also appears in the video). It was shot by an 18-year old music video director named Twixx Williams. The dancers you see here are friends of mine (not professional dancers). We did all of the rehearsing and shooting socially-distanced and outside over the Covid summer of 2020. The outfits were made by a local stylist named Alethea Dalton (the dress I’m wearing is an old vintage dress owned by Alethea but she made the other dresses).

Laura Veirs’ new album My Echo is coming out on October 23 via Bella Union/Raven Marching Band. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.