Laura Veirs drags us into her insomnia on “Turquoise Walls”

Laura Veirs recently shared the song “Burn Too Bright” and in the process revealed that she’ll be releasing her 11th solo album My Echo in October. Today she follows it up with a second single called “Turquoise Walls”, which again delves into her recent divorce. She says:

“This song is about me angsting in my room late at night staring at the bedroom walls that my ex and I painted turquoise. I like how the Nashville guitar and the banjo add a feeling of lightness to this song with rather dark lyrics. I wrote a bunch of versions of this song; I hit the sweet spot on version #5. This song uses only four chords throughout. Sometimes simpler is better when crafting catchy tunes!” 

“Turquoise Walls” is a fairly spare song, reflecting the quietness of late night sleeplessness and worry. Veirs’ words are honest about her emotional turmoil and fraught uncertainty, and at times there are little rushes of instrumentation on “Turquoise Walls” that seem to mirror the sudden burst of chaotic thought that might intrude at a moment’s notice. Then, Veirs guides the song back into quietude again – but the mental discomfort still lingers.

Watch the video for “Tuquoise Walls” created with Jason Quigley below.

Laura Veirs’ new album My Echo is coming out on October 23 via Bella Union/Raven Marching Band. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.