Photo: David Kilgour

LA’s Smokescreens share dazzling new single “I Love Only You”

Los Angeles’ Smokescreens have been prepping their third LP titled A Strange Dream for its October 30 release, and the results thus far have been quite pleasing. Today, the band has dropped the record’s second single, “I Love Only You”. 

Though the album’s first single, “Fork In The Row”, is a sugary-sweet indie-rock gem to the nth degree, it’d be hard to blame anyone who would turn to this style’s forbearers, i.e., Beach Fossils, The Drums, etc., first. “I Love Only You”, on the other hand, brandishes a more dream pop-adjacent approach. Initiated by a simple, shuffling drum machine beat, “I Love Only You” ushers in layers of dreamy textures one-by-one. Between an aching guitar melody, urgent piano arpeggios, and soaring backing vocals, these elements coalesce for the song’s cathartic final minute.

Among other kindred interests, Smokescreens bonded through a shared love for The Velvet Underground. “I Love Only You” coincidentally (not) channels VU’s heartbroken guitar rock. While not the most unique piece of indie rock, any attempt at reviving what Lou Reed and company created is far more admirable than reliving most indie rock/pop that came out of the early 2010s.

Watch the video for “I Love Only You” below:

Smokescreens’ forthcoming record is out October 30 via Slumberland Records, but you can now preorder it here. Also, give this LA outfit a follow on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter