British alt-pop purveyor LA Priest has a new album called GENE coming out on June 5, a title that is shared with a drum machine that he dreamed up to create the album. Today he shares a new song from GENE called “Beginning”, because “in the beginning there were drums and LA Priest said, ‘Let there be fire.’”

Far from the fire and brimstone suggested by that quote, “Beginning” is an utterly delightful slice of pop, sprinkled with modern neo-soul. LA Priest’s words are simple and alluring, his passion and knack for flitting his way between the sashaying drums and guitar is entirely addictive. As “Beginning” approaches its finale, LA Priest lets his hair down and uses a come hither vocal to give you the final magnetic pull to his intimate and dimly-lit spectral dancefloor.

LA Priest takes a nomadic quest in the video for “Beginning”, directed by Joseph Bird, which you can watch below.

LA Priest’s new album GENE is out June 5 on Domino. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.