Krush Puppies are a London-based quartet, who originally formed when three of them randomly met in the queue for a pet shop – but the gnarled music they make is anything but cute. Having released a few sporadic early singles, it was lockdown that yielded their latest, “Slay The Dragon”, as they found themselves working apart but becoming drawn together, and the results speak for themselves.

Said to be a song about “transcending the monsters we’ve all had to endure,” “Slay the Dragon” is beastly in its own right, characterised by an imposing bassline that slithers beneath haunting keyboard melodies and acidic guitars. “I live with a dragon and she’s bringing me down,” they begin in their teasing harmony, but this is not a tale of fear – it’s a bold and scabrous attack on negative forces both within and without. Krush Puppies merge musical forces to create their own four-headed monster, with fang-like guitars and growling voices that would make the most formidable of foes turn tail and leg it – and they do it with sheer slickness, not a bead of sweat to be spotted.

“Slay The Dragon” is out via Strong Island Recordings, and there will hopefully be more from Krush Puppies soon, so make sure to follow them on Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram.