Tyler Borchardt

Kristine Leschper (fka Mothers) traces love’s intrinsic tensions on “Ribbon”

When Kristine Leschper released the spooky “Figure And I” a few weeks ago, we figured the artist formerly known as Mothers would be cookin’ up something compelling. Henceforth the announcement of her first album under her given name, The Opening, Or Closing Of A Door, which will come out on March 4.

The news is accompanied by a brand new song called “Ribbon”. Steering clear from the bleak post-punk sonics of yonder, this track explores a much wider, more soothing palette of textures and instruments.

The self-directed video gives a sort of eerie Mulholland Drive-like atmosphere that fits well with the song’s beguiling, beckoning atmospherics. “Ribbon” explores the push-and-pull nature of love and attraction with a subtle fatalism. “I found myself wanting to explore love songs, and this is really the framework of “The Opening, Or Closing Of A Door”,” says Leschper. “‘Ribbon’ is a love song that holds a certain tension — it is the taut line of attempting to read the intentions of another, built with imagery of opposing materialities: a knife meets a ribbon, asking for a kind of vulnerability. A suggestion of something new emerging at this intersection.”

Watch and listen to the song below.

Preorder The Opening, Or Closing Of A Door (Anti-) ahead of its March 4 release here. You can follow Kristine Leschper on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and check out her many other multi-disciplinary activities and projects at her official website.