Jon Weary

Kristine Leschper exults in the unfathomable on “Picture Window”

Wouldn’t it be great if we could experience the world again as if we were a kid? Ordinary objects and landscapes are still fantastical and foreign, while new impulses and sensations pull you across all directions. There’s no pill for that, unfortunately, unless you count taking acid. Thankfully, music can create that sense of wonder too, as Kristine Leschper does on “Picture Window”, the third single revealed off her upcoming album The Opening, Or The Closing Of The Door (which you can preorder here).

The song’s sonics very much echo its title, opting for a translucent quality like different light sources permeating through hues and shapes. There’s an elegant flute flourish that wouldn’t be out of place on an early seventies prog record, though bereft of its primary colors. Like with the previous songs we’ve heard from Leschper since she ditched the Mothers-moniker, there’s a spectral quality to her work that makes even organic, tactile sounds seem somewhat otherworldly and indisposed.

“I was thinking about how effortless it felt to commune with the mysterious as a child, especially in the ‘natural world’ as we call it, as if it is something alien to us,” Leschper says about “Picture Window”. “I was thinking about my sister, our shared experiences of childhood, and I wanted to create a sonic environment that felt like that. It was obvious to me that the video should embody the same character of discovery, that it should slow me down, get me out into the world to look for something unfolding, and I settled in on the quiet drama of a stream. I shot time-lapse photographs and compiled them into video sequences, a meditation on time or timelessness. The resulting video is uncomplicated, things are constantly changing and yet nothing happens; I spin indefinitely in a circle, a stream bubbles on into eternity.”

Watch the video for “Picture Window” below.

The Opening, Or Closing Of A Door (Anti-)is out on March 4You can follow Kristine Leschper on FacebookInstagram and Twitter and check out her many other multi-disciplinary activities and projects at her official website.