Korean icon CL blazes through the acerbic “Spicy” and its equally fiery video

Alright, alright, I’m a bit late posting this one. We CL fans have suffered our share of disappointments over the past several years, namely, an American takeover that…just never quite happened. Another thing we can blame Scooter Braun for, if you ask me. It’s made me almost hesitant to get hyped up about a return, but her latest offering is undeniable.

While it’s been – incredibly – frustrating to watch an icon as versatile and talented as the 2NE1 legend boxed in to styles that constricted her and then more or less abandoned on the American front, in 2021 she’s finally been making big moves on her home turf once more, dropping hot single after single.

Her latest, “Spicy”, is an absolute scorcher. “Excuse me? Excuse you,” she snarls from pretty much the offset, and things only boil over further from there. The song comes complete with a glorious music video, from CL rapping atop a statue, brilliantly choreographed dance sequences, and even a luxury car painted as Pikachu. It must be seen to be believed.

Check it out below, and with any luck (not to mention belated justice) we’ll soon receive, at last, a full-length return from the Korean firebrand: “Spicy” is the first single from her approaching album, ALPHA, said to be out in October.

Speaking on “Spicy” and its signifgance for ALPHA overall, CL shares, “I’m very excited to start my project, ALPHA, with ‘SPICY’. [It] is classically CL … It’s a song that celebrates just being yourself. For me, being Korean, being Asian… I’m celebrating all that, and that attitude. Just being myself.”

She also shouts out that voice (not to mention imposing talking statue) that you might recognize backing her up on the song: “And I’m so honored to have John Malkovich on the song talking about energy, power and chemistry!”

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