Kitty feels a phantom ache on “Sympathy Pains”

After attending the BRIT School in Croydon, South London, Kitty has steadily built a reputation as one of today’s finest “sophisti-pop” artists. Kitty’s new single “Sympathy Pains” is an impeccably crafted song that gets hookier with each listen.

It’s the first single from Kitty’s second EP Swimming For Dummies, slated for release next May. The artist describes the opus-in-progress with this memorable line: “Going through your 20s is like learning to swim with no instructions.”

With regard to the new single, Kitty notes,This song marks a new beginning for me and my music, with a sound I created with my producer, Jules Konieczny, that feels like my personality in a song, so I’m really proud of it! I wrote it about a friend who was leaning on me like a therapist so much that it started to impact my own mental health, which is when the words ‘sympathy pains’ came to me. When I brought the idea to my good friend and co-writer Francesca Morris, the song just started flowing.”

“Sympathy Pains” is one of those songs that washes over you on multiple levels, so it’s easy to miss its brilliance on the first pass. But give it three plays and you’ll be a Kitty fan for life.

Listen to “Sympathy Pains” below, or find it on the streaming platforms.

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