Photo: Nat Souza

Kit Major shares grunge-pop anthem “Rot Ur Mind”, announces debut EP [BPM Premiere]

Los Angeles dark pop artist Kit Major has always used music as a form of self-therapy and emotional support. From her early years turning to music as a method to cope with bullying to later years where she fought to discover her own place in the world around her, the sounds of the Ramones, Green Day, and David Bowie helped her to find solace and comfort in a world often driven by forces outside of her control.

She released her first single, “Strawberry Milkshake”, back in 2018, and since then has shared a handful of songs, all exploring themes of mental health, personal discovery, and learning how to distance yourself from the overwhelming hum of the world. Dousing her intimate lyrical narratives in layers of alt-pop attitude and glossy punk energy, she’s developed a habit of switching genres mid-song, picking from various aesthetics to create an assembly of sounds that speak to her worldview and the experiences she’s had.

Over the past year, she’s offered up a string of singles, but now she’s ready to announce that her debut EP Vampire Saturday will be out sometime in November. To give us our first taste of the record, we’ve been given “Rot Ur Mind”, a grunge-pop jam that recalls the nostalgic modern rock theatrics of Chloe Moriondo and Olivia Rodrigo. The guitars and drums hit with the speed of a freight train while her voice possesses an emotional weight that knocks you off your feet. There’s a carefree spirit to the track even as Major decries our overreliance on technology — particularly of the social media variety — while also imploring us to step away from the glut of information at our fingertips when it becomes too much to absorb.

“I wanted this song to sound like the music I grew up listening to like Green Day, Weezer, Fountains of Wayne, and Avril Lavigne and when I would hang out in my basement listening to my dad’s garage band play,” she says. “I hope this track sounds like a Saturday morning, vegging out and watching cartoons- that carefree, fuck it attitude you get when you decide to make the day yours.

Listen to the song below.

Kit Major’s debut EP Vampire Saturday is due out in November. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.