Photo: Clifford Prince King

Kelela drops the energetically effortless “Happy Ending”

Kelela broke her long hiatus last month with “Washed Away” and today she’s feeding our thirsty minds with another morsel called “Happy Ending” – though news of a potential album is still forthcoming.

Produced by LSDXOXO with additional production from Bambii, “Happy Ending” is a much more upbeat and energetic track than “Washed Away”. It still finds Kelela in effortlessly cool and comfortable mode though, oozing across breakbeats and stylish washes of synth in her inimitable style.

Watch the video for “Happy Ending”, co-directed by Alima Lee and Kelela, below or listen to the track on streaming platforms.

“Happy Ending” is out on Warp. You can find Kelela on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.