Photo: Sophie J Stafford

Keeley Forsyth builds strength from isolation in the powerful “I Stand Alone”

Keeley Forsyth‘s upcoming album Limbs made it onto our Most Anticipated Releases of 2022 based on the strength of her debut album Debris and recent single “Bring Me Water”. Today she ups the excitement even further by sharing new single “I Stand Alone”, saying:

“The song uses words as murmurs in a moment of realisation. Strengthening autonomy and protecting human dignity, even at its most dark and surreal. It’s a survival song in essence.

Set to be the closer on Limbs, “I Stand Alone” charts a steadfast and stately path from complete isolation into a world of colour and connection. Atop a mournful organ churn, Forsyth unguardedly brings us into her perspective, quietly intoning about how she’s been cut off from sound and vision but struggles doggedly on in search of love. Even in the moments that the song cuts into brief silences, there’s an electricity in the atmosphere – that of the soul of the singer. As “I Stand Alone” continues, subtle but sweeping strings glide into the picture, Forsyth’s voice lifting up to meet them. We can feel her tugging herself out of the blackness, and as the song reaches its conclusion, what sounds like blurred horns ascend, like the light of a new day finally reaching the singer, reflecting back her life force.

Watch the video for “I Stand Alone” below, or listen on streaming platforms.

Keeley Forsyth’s Limbs is coming out on February 25 through The Leaf Label (pre-order/save). Find Keeley Forsyth on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.