Photo: Lily Brown

Kay Young is overwhelmed by attraction on the stylishly seductive “Suddenly”

Rising London talent Kay Young captured our hearts and minds last month with the excellent single “White Teeth”, and returns today with a follow-up called “Suddenly” that shows a completely different side to her personality and artistry.

On the song, she says: “I wasn’t planning on making this a love song but sometimes the best things aren’t planned. I guess you can compare it to when love comes knocking on your door without a warning and completely catches you off guard – Suddenly.”

“Suddenly” is a slick and subtle R&B track that coasts on a quietly thrumming bass, before an array of electronic elements slyly creep in. This production does a perfect job of accentuating the sensuous surprise of Young’s words, as she unsuspectingly finds herself falling for someone, her feelings making her act in uncontrollable ways. “I’m losing power / When I’m around you, babe / Honestly didn’t see it coming,” she confesses in the chorus, a shy admission of attraction that – paired with the tasteful arrangements – makes us feel the blood rising to her face. As she bashfully describes compiling long texts and hoping for a reciprocal response, claps, electronic chirps and a drizzle of strings filter into the song, and it feels like we’re getting sucked into Young’s imagination of how idyllic this romance could turn out to be – exquisite.

You can watch an intimate and impassioned performance of “Suddenly” in the video below, or find the studio version on streaming platforms.

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