Kathleen Frances announces debut EP, shares the bleary and mesmerizing “Grown”

Kathleen Frances is making increasingly noticeable waves in the ocean of music, and her new single “Grown” will surely capture the attention of many more. The single comes also with the exciting announcement that the Bristol-based songwriter and producer is set to release their debut EP Through The Blue next year on 10th February. Speaking of her new track “Grown”, Frances says:

This is such a nostalgic song for me. I wrote this and then came back to it six months later. That’s when the pre-chorus hook finally came to me. That part just takes me to one of those (too infrequent) moments where you have the least cares in the world, no worries, no responsibilities. Basically being an adult sucks and we should try and escape it whenever and wherever possible.

That nostalgia is evident in the track’s performance: “Grown” feels like a lived-in personal classic for Frances. Her mesmerizing and somewhat beguiling baritone brings a dreamy quality to her words, her vowels sinking softly in between the piano chords. Light washes of electronics, additional vocals, sleepy strings, and what sounds like the dying gasp of some brass instruments playing on a TV in the background all add to the unassuming yet bewitching tone of the track. When Frances sings a line “Eating toast for dinner / telling myself I’m a winner / because I do what the fuck I want” it somehow manages to throw you off guard but also sound entirely fitting. It’s a sure fire sign that her Through The Blue EP will be an equally tantalizing listen.

Listen to the track below or on your favourite streaming service.

Kathleen Frances’ Through The Blue EP is out 10th February 2022. Stay up to date with her via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.