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Kate Morgan is brilliantly believable on “Fool”

Kate Morgan is a Canadian-born, LA-based songwriter and artist who has penned hits for The Chainsmokers, Upsahl and many more. Kate’s new single “Fool” is a perfectly crafted love lament that’s heartfelt and believable from the get-go.

The video for the song is one of this year’s finest because the imagery of a lonely sailboat adrift on a huge lake is the perfect metaphor for what Morgan is communicating.

“I wrote this about a very real situation,” says Morgan. “I had a long-term relationship in my early 20s that was really loving and supportive but ultimately I still had this burning desire to explore the world and myself and didn’t feel ready to take the next steps in our relationship. I broke up with him, thinking that maybe one day we would find each other again. A year later he was engaged to my hairdresser. I saw a picture of them together on her Instagram and wrote this song. Now, I’m so happy for them, but at the time it felt awful.”

Morgan’s previous single “Pretty Delusions” is an achingly beautiful, neo-psychedelic song that has one of the most fabulous melodies I’ve heard in ages. Initially it reminds you of Chris Isaak’s moody “Wicked Game”, but the after-chorus has a haunting, almost Beatle-y quality.

“Fool” is the work of a master songwriter who’s now confidently emerging as an artist with a very bright future.

Watch the video for “Fool” below, or find the song on the streaming services.

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