Patrick O'Brien Smith

Kassa Overall bounces through emotional tides on “Ready To Ball”, his first for Warp

Kassa Overall has signed to Warp Records and shared his first single for the legendary UK label, “Ready to Ball”. On the track, he says:

“On an emotional level, the song is really dealing with feelings of jealousy. It’s also an affirmation, to not get lost in the hustle of upward mobility. How bad do we want the shiny things? How much will we bend ourselves to get them? At times I feel like, damn bro, it’s so much of a struggle and a hustle to just keep it going that I don’t have time to make sure my mental health and my soul is cool. That’s basically the polarity right there.”

Over a future jazz beat, Overall implements a series of different voices that reflect the duelling desires and impulses he feels. The live instrumentation brings a tactile feel to the song, bringing additional heft to his verses. In his bars he admires the shiny things, determines that he can get it if he sets his mind to it – but simultaneously knows it’s hollow and admits that “this is all just bullshit”. A dazzling cross-section of the musician’s mind, “Ready To Ball” continues his path into becoming one of the most innovative music makers currently out there.

Listen to “Ready To Ball” below or on streamers.

You can find Kassa Overall on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.