K-pop favorites Red Velvet to return after a nearly two year hiatus with announcement of new mini album

The moment is finally (nearly) here. It’s been a considerable wait for fans of K-pop girl group sensation Red Velvet: when lead vocalist Wendy was seriously injured in a tragic stage accident, they were essentially forced into a hiatus as a collective.

Thankfully, the members stayed busy, with Irene & Seulgi forming a duo for the excellent, stately Monster (which made both our Overlooked and Top EPs lists last year), Joy releasing Hello, and even Wendy herself returning with Like Water. Nonetheless, it’s been hard not to look forward to the group returning as a unit, and that moment is, at last, upon us.

The group have just announced a new mini-album, Queendom, and it’s due August 16th. Not much is yet known about the release, beyond the fact that it will boast six tracks, but stay tuned to Beats Per Minute for more information as it becomes available.

You can find Red Velvet on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.