Photo: Alysse Gafkjen

Julien Baker reunites with her boygenius bandmates in the confessional “Favor”

With Julien Baker‘s highly-anticipated third album Little Oblivions arriving at the end of the month, excitement is high. She’s fuelling that flame today by releasing a new single from it called “Favor”, which sees her reuniting with her boygenius bandmates Lucy Dacus and Phoebe Bridgers. Their day of reunion also yielded Bridgers’ “Graceland Too” and a song from Dacus’ upcoming release (whatever that might be).

Her partners in crime had nice things to say about Baker too, with Bridgers saying “Julien is one of those people whose opinion you want to hear about everything. A true critical thinker with an ever-changing and ridiculously articulate worldview.”

On “Favor” itself, Dacus adds “I love the song for its stark but sensitive picture of friendship, what it looks like to recover from broken trust. Makes me think about how truth only ever breaks what should be broken, and how love is never one of those things. I’m always honored to be brought into Julien’s life and music.”

And while it is truly wonderful to hear the trio harmonising in their way that makes it seem predestined they’d end up together, “Favor” is all about Baker’s profound self-reflection. Buoyed by production that incorporates powerful beats and pristine piano alongside her silvery guitar, “Favor” finds Baker opening up about her former indiscretions; “I used to think about myself, like I was a talented liar / turns out that all my friends were trying to do me a favor.” She doesn’t berate herself, but floats in this space, coming to accept that she needs to grow up and evolve, to become a better person for herself and for her friends. Though tackling a tough subject, Baker’s empathy and the expertly detailed production ensures that “Favor” is a resounding and healing listen.

Julien Baker’s new album Little Oblivions arrives on February 26 through Matador (pre-order). You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.