Julie Biens embraces “Life 3.0”

Artists like Nick Cave (age 66) and Nile Rodgers (age 71) are living proof that you can indeed have a “third act” in showbiz and in life itself. That’s the subject of a great new song called “Life 3.0” by NYC area artist Julie Biens.

Biens writes insightful songs that make “adulting” cool again. Her previous single “Devil In The Details” is a wistful ballad reminiscent of Mary Chapin Carpenter, who snagged some Grammy awards in the ’90s and will hopefully have a third act soon.

“I wrote ‘LIFE 3.0’ to rebrand the midlife crisis as a ‘fork in the road’ and an opportunity to grow,” says Biens. “When I turned 50, I was going through my own feelings of restlessness and started wondering how to re-energize myself and not just settle into what I know. In my search, I found my way back to singing and then I started to try some songwriting. Once I started writing, I felt alive again. I  just fell madly in love with it. The song is about my journey, but it’s also about my friends and neighbors.”

Listen to “Life 3.0” below, or find it on the streaming services.

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