JPEGMAFIA and Tommy Genesis team up for the bombastic “Rough 7”

JPEGMAFIA has been keeping productive over the last few months, dropping the singles “BALD!” (which also got remixed as a Denzel Curry collab), “VENGEANCE” and “THE BENDS!”. Today he shares his latest work, a song called “Rough 7” that finds him and Tommy Genesis sharing the spotlight.

As ever, Peggy’s production is on point, finding a great balance between his own idiosyncrasies while leaving plenty of room for Tommy to do her thing – and she absolutely does. From playfully blowing raspberries, to lackadaisical musings, to whispered temptations, to extroverted proclamations – she gets to show off her versatility on this one. “Rough 7” then gets rounded off by Peggy himself, who follows off the back of Tommy’s energy with some furious bars of his own.

Hear “Rough 7” via the covertly filmed video below.

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