Josienne Clarke expands her horizons on the uplifting “Workhorse”

British songwriter Josienne Clarke released her album A Small Unknowable Thing last summer, but she’s got a quick follow up in the form of her I Promised You Light EP arriving on February 4. Following on from lead single “Driving At Night” come “Workhorse”, with Clarke calling it a “weird dance acoustic mashup” and saying it’s the most joyous on the EP.

“Workforce” is light on its feet, skittering atop flickering jazz drums and droplets of light piano. This accentuates Clarke’s feeling of having a weight off her shoulders as she comes to recognise her value: “Lately I’ve been learning I don’t have to be good” and shortly after she casually states “I am not your workhorse.” The song continues to flutter onwards beautifully, making each new revelation sparkle, the cumulative positivity becoming almost like the sound of clouds parting and golden light shining through, showing the path to more fulfilling, satisfying life.

Watch the video for “Workhorse” below; “It’s just me in a massive room with loads of disco lights with silent disco headphones on just messing about to my own positivity anthem” Clarke says.

Josienne Clarke’s I Promised You Light EP arrives on February 4. You can find her on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.