Photo: Peter Toggeth / Mikel Cee Karlsson

José González announces long awaited new album with the shimmering “Visions”

Following his February single “El Invento”, Swedish favourite José González has revealed plans for his first album in six years: it’s called Local Valley and comes out on September 17. He’s also shared a new single called “Visions”, about which he says:

We are the apes that are starting to understand the universe and our place in it. We are changing our surroundings in an exceedingly rapid pace, so much that we’re becoming stewards of our planet whether we like it or not. As Stewart Brand said “We are as gods and we have to get good at it

The lyrics came to me in early February 2020 just as there were more and more tweets about the possible pandemic. The topic of the song felt very timely. You can hear the birds and ambient sounds from the veranda, along with a layer of synth loops in the background.”

Listen below.

Jose Gonzalez’s new album Local Valley arrives on September 17 via City Slang (pre-order). Make sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.