Photo: Mikai Karl

Jónsi teams up with Cocteau Twins’ Liz Fraser for “Cannibal”

Since Jónsi announced back in June that he would be releasing a new solo album called Shiver in October we’ve been waiting patiently for a new single. Today he delivers on the most exciting prospect, “Cannibal”, the track that features Liz Fraser, formerly of Cocteatu Twins. Jónsi says:

“When Sigur Rós was starting, we were always compared to Cocteau Twins and I really didn’t like that. I hated being compared to anybody. Then I got really into Cocteau Twins like two or three years ago. They’re so good. I understood the comparison then.” 

Taking a more delicate approach compared to previoius single “Swill”, “Cannibal” – despite its name – shows a much more vulnerable side of the singer. If anyone could turn a song about being a cannibal for love into a glorious and gorgeous song, it’s the Icelandic singer – and with Fraser swooping in to deliver the killing blow in tandem with blossoming electronic percolation, it’s perfection.

Jónsi’s new album Shiver comes out October 2 via Krunk. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.