Photo: Michael Leviton

Joanna Sternberg is pulled in a million directions on the enchanting “Mountains High”

Joanna Sternberg has followed up the excellent “I’ve Got Me” with a new single called “Mountains High”, both coming ahead of new album I’ve Got Me, which arrives in June. Of the new song, Sternberg reveals:

I wrote this song when I was trying to do the following things all at once in NYC: Be a freelance visual artist, be a freelance double bassist, be a singer, be a songwriter, babysit, work at elementary schools teaching comics, and teach private lessons for songwriting, piano and double bass. The song is about being so busy and so tired while schlepping around NYC and anxiously obsessively ruminating!

Despite the strain of being pulled in all those different directions, “Mountains High” is not a weary song but a humble and earnest reflection of Sternberg’s desire to achieve all they can. Accompanied by a rambling and sprightly piano melody, we can picture Sternberg rambling around the city streets, filled with thoughts and desires. Although the first chorus finds them admitting “I can’t, I can’t be sure how much I can endure / Each day’s a mountain high,” by the second chorus Sternberg has found the inner resolve to announce “All I can do is try / When climbing mountains high / All I can do is try, try not to cry / On mountains high.” A more universal refrain for the modern world you will not find, and it’s delivered in such a heartwarming package that you can’t help but feel uplifted.

Watch Sternberg’s self-drawn lyric video for “Mountains High” below or find it on streamers.

Joanna Sternberg’s new album I’ve Got Me is out on June 30 through Fat Possum (pre-order/save). You can find them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.