Jimi Somewhere takes an emotional night drive on new single “In My Car”

Following a string of singles released throughout the year including the R&B-leaning “Selfish” and the anthemic “Jesus” featuring Kacy Hill, Norwegian artist Jimi Somewhere has dropped “In My Car” – the third single off his upcoming debut album Nothing Gold Can Stay.

The song is a quintessential sad bop which starts off subdued with Somewhere’s delicate vocals lamenting, “It felt like the world was ours,” while an electric guitar in the background hints at a future outburst. When the beat comes in, his voice becomes more plaintive as if he’s all too aware that good moments in life cannot last forever. If anything, there is a sense of impending doom – the ending of something – as he sings “At least we’ve got each other when we’re crashing through the walls.” 

In three and a half minutes, Somewhere truly takes listeners on a late night drive. The sounds of an idling engine and the screech of tires helps to build the melancholic world the song inhabits. As it reaches its conclusion, “In My Car” becomes a powerful mix of thunderous drums, guitar riffs and auto-tuned yet emotive vocalizations. In the final seconds, the production quietens and it seems Somewhere has managed to hit the brakes. Whether he has found any peace however is a question that is yet unanswered.

Jimi Somewhere’s debut album Nothing Gold Can Stay drops February 5 next year. Follow him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.