Jay-Z and Coldplay Mixtape: Viva La Hova

Chris Martin first worked with Jay-Z on his 2006 album Kingdom Come – and what at first seemed like an unlikely mix, now feels common, as Jay-Z recently guest spotted on Coldplays EP: Prospekt March. So it was inevitable that someone was going to make a mixtape mashing the two artists together.
However, it seems like the new mixtape titled: Viva La Hova– created by Mick Boogie and Terry Urban, has been making quite the splash, as both rapper and band have officially approved of it. It’s even gotten attention on MTV’s prime time spots. You can download the mixtape here in 320kbps.

Download MP3 albumViva La Hova

The mixtape is pretty good, but did every song have to start out with a woman saying “Terry Ubraaaan”. I know the guy wants’ people to know this is his mix, but every song? The Mixtape takes samples from both artists entire career, with standouts being from Viva La Vida. “Lost!” in particular – which has a great dance beat. The official blog of the mixtape lists the samples, which you can see below:

Intro (Various Songs)
Public Speeding (High Speed + Public Service Announcement)
Know My Place (U Don’t Know + In My Place)
Never Changing (Never Change + Never Change)
Miss Trouble (Excuse Me Miss + Trouble)
Back At My Place (Back Then + In My Place)
No Love Coming Home (Homecoming + Ain’t No Love)
A Spy’s Prayer (Spies + Pray)
Science Is Ignorant (The Scientist + Ignorant Sh*t)
The Reverse Fix (The Bounce + The Fix)
Hola Blanco (Hola Hovito + White Shadows)
Take The Hill (Takeover + Violet Hill)
Lost Part 2 (Momma Loves Me + Lost – Import Mix)
Cold Success (Success + Lost – Import Mix)
What If We Cry? (What If + Song Cry)
Falling In Shadows (Fallin’ + White Shadows)
Life of Clocks (Clocks + Party Life)
X-Y-Z (No Hook + X&Y)

-Brent K.