Photo: Kane Stewart

J Duran shares a Lennon-style confessional on “Can’t Get High Enough”

Nashville artist J Duran’s new single “Can’t Get High Enough” has the stark, stripped-down feel of a John Lennon song – and the accompanying pop-art video is one of this year’s best.

“I was in a state of depression and isolation when I wrote the track,” says Duran. “I was smoking a lot of weed to escape those feelings. It was a temporary distraction that wasn’t addressing the issues.”

Produced by Cage The Elephant guitarist Brad Schultz, the single achieves its doleful hookiness thanks in part to a 70s drum machine (the same model used by roots-rocker JJ Cale on several cuts).

Duran is releasing an album next year called Introspect. But if it’s a double album, he should rename the project Duran Duran instead.

Watch the video for “Can’t Get High Enough” below, or find it on the streaming services.

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