IU releases an intimate, understated set of songs with the gracefully personal Pieces

It’s been – as usual – a big year for Korean singer-songwriter IU. It saw the release of her long-awaited fifth full length album, LILAC, and now, just in time for the new year, she’s returned.

This, however, is quite a different affair from the widescreen pop of that album: with Pieces, she’s opted to share a deeply personal set of songs, each low key in comparison to her earlier effort, it’s more than moving and can be starkly sad in moments, capturing yet another side of her ever-changing artistry.

Speaking on the brief collection, she shares, “These songs are individually precious to me, and are part of my memories, but rather than a perfect picture, I think it is more fitting to describe them as pieces of a picture. So, these five songs (pieces) create one complete image. I thought it would clearly express what I wanted to convey if I named this album Pieces.”

Listen to the intimate mini-album below, and stay tuned for more from IU in 2022.

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