Photo: Tsofit Barabi

Israeli rocker Tamar Aphek pays tribute to the bonds of true friendship on the atmospheric “Drive”

Back in October Tamar Aphek shared “Show Me Your Pretty Side”, a searing track that had us instantly captivated and excited for her debut solo album, All Bets Are Off, which is arriving in January via Kill Rock Stars. This week she’s shared another glimpse of what’s to come with the dark and teasing “Drive”, a song that explores bonds of trust and understanding between people. She reveals:

“The mutual trust gives them the power to face all difficulties in life. Together they can be above the highest wave, dark nights or bad memories. Each one of them respects intuitively the space of the other side. It is a kind of recipe for a success story between people.”

Like “Show Me Your Pretty Side”, “Drive” once again utilises a bluesy atmosphere, but this time Aphek guides her band through a more quietly propulsive and shuffling scene. The title “Drive” invites us to imagine us as Aphek’s close ally, sitting silently alongside her as we make an escape from trouble left behind, barely needing to speak as we completely understand what the other is thinking and feeling. There’s a Bonnie & Clyde mood to the song, especially as the tension increases with splashy drumming and more overt guitar melodies. Aphek’s voice and playing remains calm and determined, making us feel we’re safely in the car alongside her driving to who knows where – it doesn’t matter, as long as we trust in each other.

You can listen to “Drive” on streaming platforms or below.

Tamar Aphek’s All Bets Are Off comes out on January 29 through Kill Rock Stars. You can find her on Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram.