Israel McFarland saves face on “Never Did”

With its rapid-fire lyrics and soaring chorus, Israel McFarland’s latest single “Never Did” has the potential to be a radio hit this summer.

The Nashville-based artist/producer shares the backstory: “‘Never Did’ is a song about falling hard for someone against the advice of close friends. This person acted as though they were looking for a serious relationship but, in the end, were not. The song details how, instead of admitting to my friends the embarrassment and pain the relationship caused, I “fake a laugh,” “twist the past” and let on that it didn’t mean anything to me in order to save face.”

McFarland has worked with artists like Leni Black and Sommer – and they all share musical gifts that make them special: emotional intimacy and a mastery of studio singing. While performing onstage requires larger-than-life emoting, studio singing is subtle – and the little touches create a big impact.

Israel’s previous singles include the haunting ballad “Jazz Chord” and 2022’s “The Cost”, which builds beautifully to its emotional crescendo. Last year, he recorded a duet with Sommer called “Worth Taking” – and it gets my vote for one of the most memorable love songs in recent years.

Listen to “Never Did” below, or find it on your favorite streaming platform.

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