Photo: @analogdash

Irish newcomer CARSTEN2X envisions his future accolades on the sunshine smash “Beaucoup”

CARSTEN2X is an emerging singer, rapper, and producer from the Dublin suburb of Shankill. While he’s had a couple of singles previously, today he makes his boldest move yet with new banger “Beaucoup”, which he co-produced with Chuks Chiejine (Brockhampton, Burna Boy). He says:

“So, with ‘Beaucoup’, the lyrics are kind of my work around of talking about sold out shows and plaques without having them. Basically a song about all the things I’m trying to get and accomplish. With a few tongue in cheek lines, as I try to have fun with it when I’m making songs. The hook is saying that I want these things and it’s my right to try everything to get them.”

Over plaintive guitar strums and bouncing beats, CARSTEN2X quickly keys us into his aspirations, demanding “Beaucoup” and threatening that if he doesn’t get it he’ll “go Goku”. If that sounds arrogant, he quickly brings it back down to a personable reality in the verses, where he sidles up to a young woman, trying to impress her – only to be knocked back. From there he spirals into dreams of future possessions like diamond necklaces and a Mercedes Benz – hoping that maybe then she’ll be more interested. As chopped flutes litter the lilting beat, it’s easy to join in him in his dreams of future fame.

Listen to “Beaucoup” below or on your preferred platform.

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