Interview: Deep Teknologi

Photo by Portia Barnett-Herrin.


Deep Teknologi are a collective and label based in London who specialize in making the best house music you’ve ever heard. They’re set to completely blow up in 2010 with releases on their own label and the brand new Local Action based out of Phonica Records. We talked to Deep Tek head honchos S.E.F. & T. Williams in an exclusive interview. So how long have you guys been at this?

In the music game, over ten years, but as Deep Teknologi it will be coming up to a year soon. How many people are a part of ‘Deep Teknologi?’ Do you identify that name more as a label or as a collective of like-minded producers?

Deep Teknologi is spearheaded by two people. S. E. F. and T. Williams. Between us we DJ, produce, and manage the label.

Beyond that there is J. Bevin, Zander Hardy and Don Morris who are all producers in their own right but release their tracks through Deep Teknologi Records. Your music seems to owe as much to funky house/UK funky as to deep house as to dubstep — what do you consider your style/genre?

We’ve all grown up listening to a wide range of music so I guess that carries through into what we play and produce. Your music seems to me to have a very clean, deliberate, and professional sound, is this intentional or just the way it comes out?

Quality control is what we are all about, so we always make sure our mix-downs are tight before anything leaves the studio. What do you guys use to make your tracks?

Most of the camp use Logic, but Don Morris uses Cubase. Do you work on tracks together or is it a separate, individual affair when it comes to actually producing the the tracks.

Most of the work we do is done separately but recently T. Williams and Ben Westbeech collaborated on a tracked called “Two Bob Note” and the results were excellent so there will be probably be more of that to come!

But with everything we make, we all discuss what works and what doesn’t before the final product is released. What else does Deep Teknologi have in store for 2010?

We’ve recently launched our new night L O G I K which will be all about pushing new music, not just our own but anything we like. We also have releases coming out from everyone in the camp both on our own label and others.

We’ll also be unleashing our two new recruits J. Bevin and Zander Hardy. Both of whose tracks have been doing well everytime we play them.

“When It Comes” by J. Bevin got an instant reaction on our Ustream show which we do every Sunday and that will be out later on this year. Apart from that we just want to push on as we have been and let the music do the talking. Do you ever see there being a Deep Teknologi album/LP in the future? What do you guys think of albums and how they fit into the scene (whatever the ‘scene’ may be to you)?

Yes, that is certainly in the pipeline. We are aiming for a release at the end of the year and will hopefully feature tracks from ourselves as well as our extended family, the likes of Breach, MA1, Harry Craze and a few surprises. If you couldn’t be on your own label, what label would you most like to work with?

We’ve enjoyed listening to Dirtybird a lot recently. Who/what are some of the biggest influences on your sound?

Life, family, too many to mention by name, without forgetting one. Who really excites you right now, in terms of music and new sounds?

There seems to be great music coming from all over the place, its defiantly a good time in electronic music right now. Producers we are into at the moment include Joy Orbison and Ikonika, Who would you like to collaborate with if you could choose anyone?

Chuckie and Laidback Luke would be amazing! What’s your favourite track/release of 2010 so far?

When It Comes by J. Bevin [available in the Deep Teknologi mix linked below] Favourite mix?
Ben Westbeech:

Deep Teknologi are releasing the T Williams EP (our Record of the Month) on Local Action this Spring, as well as several other releases on their own Deep Teknologi label coming later this year. They recently put up the latest in their free mix series on Soundcloud, a completely flooring journey through their own catalogue and record bag — check it here, you don’t want to pass this one by.