Infant Island are overwhelmed by the world’s demise in the smouldering “Kindling”

Infant Island are releasing their new album Obsidian Wreath next week (12 January) and have shared a third and final single from it called “Kindling”.

Whereas the metal/hardcore band’s previous singles (including BPM Top 50 of 2023 track “Another Cycle”) showed the quintet at their furious peak of noise, “Kindling” takes a different approach. It starts as a gentle slow burn where guest vocalists Harper Boyhtari and Logan Gaval (both of Greet Death) beautifully lament over echoing guitar; “It’s a blood-stained letter / It’s a siren’s song / It’s a love that shines before it’s gone.” The atmosphere and fragility lulls you into their poetic plight – only for Infant Island to rise through the mists with a blunderbuss of majestic noise. Daniel Kost returns to vocals to lead the charge, but maintains the mournful mood in his words; “Feeding through one lifespan to hold your suffering / Swoon only to succumb to fearing.” “Kindling” is a true pyre of glorious emotion with a backbone of atmospheric and staggering rock instrumentation – another barn burner added to Infant Island’s repertoire.

Listen to “Kindling” below or find it on your preferred streamer.

Infant Island’s new album Obsidian Wreath arrives on January 12 through Secret Voice (pre-order/save). You can find the band on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Bandcamp.