It’s a feeling all too familiar for those of us caught betwixt the extroverted compulsion to escape existential loneliness and the introversion caused by the depression from the very same; the late nights partying to escape yourself, followed by mornings of shame and anxiety made all the worse. Rinse repeat, drink, die a little inside, drink some more.

Relative indie pop newcomer (her 2018 debut didn’t reach nearly enough ears) Julietta chose to finally let all that go before diving into the recording of songs for her new project. She allowed for solitude and reflection to take the place of those desperation-fuelled late nights. Little did she realize she was unwittingly crafting a soundtrack for the isolation many of us are experiencing by pure necessity in 2020 – whether from the pandemic or gruelling state of the burning world.

Her new song “Levitate”, despite its name, dives right into the murky waters of our current global consciousness, only to rise above them through sheer force of will. On the title track of her upcoming EP, she fully asserts herself, creating a safe space to dwell within, dismissing the inevitable onslaught of opinions from our all-too-connected social systems with a simple: “Say what you want to say / I’m a million miles away from what you want me to be.” All the while, the gnarled, twisty beat swirls and pulsates behind her.

“Levitate” is a song for the moment, if there ever was one; a brief, much-needed reprieve from the tragedy, violence, and selfish politics ruling our minds of late. Whatever Julietta is cooking up with the Levitate EP, it can’t arrive soon enough.

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