Photo: Johan Bergmark

I’m Kingfisher announces new album with the emotional Americana offering “Children’s Atom Bomb”

Swedish songwriter Thomas Jonsson aka I’m Kingfisher has revealed that he will be releasing a new album called The Past Has Begun on October 9 through Fading Trails Recordings. He calls it “an album about longing to feel things for the first time again” and appropriately he returned to the Americana sounds that influenced his earliest forays into songwriting, citing Courtney Marie Andrews and Dwight Yoakam in particular as inspirations. He also wrangled some great performers to help bring his ideas to life, namely Damien Jurado guitarist Josh Gordon and fellow songwriting Swede Slowgold, who appears on the track “Children’s Atom Bomb” that we’re sharing with you today.

“Children’s Atom Bomb” finds I’m Kingfisher tracing that golden thread of great Americana that weaves delicately between wistful and hopeful, setting off on a trail to the profound. Armed with his trusty acoustic guitar, Jonsson’s voice sounds mature but not without a joyous lilt as it dances with harmonica through this contemplative cut. In the classic troubadour mould, I’m Kingfisher spends “Children’s Atom Bomb” revolving around the continuity of life in this enormous and exhausting world. “When you’re on your own, you’ve got to carry on / to find out all about the backbone of your deeds and give them all the love you got,” he and Slowgold sing in unison, with an uplifting melody that displays his perspective as a man who has grifted for decades in order to maintain happiness and sanity and has come out stronger for it. “Because most likely you’ll be fucked up too / probably for a year or even some,” he adds, but with a knowing smile, as if to say it’s all part of making your way through this weird and wonderful journey called living.

I’m Kingfisher’s new album The Past Has Begun comes out October 9 through Fading Trails Recordings and can be pre-ordered here. Find I’m Kingfisher on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.