Iggy Pop & Best Coast to Collaborate for True Blood

Whenever a show or film is intent on connecting to alternative culture, you can more or less assume that it will lead to some bizarre musical meetings. No matter the actual provider (say, one as negligible as Twilight), and the facetious nature of their attempting to embed themselves in hipsterdom, you have to be a bit grateful for them, otherwise, such odd musical moments would almost certainly never have happened.

HBO’s True Blood has already brought us a neat meeting of the minds, through a Neko Case and Nick Cave collaboration. Now, for the latest season, they’re bringing together Bethany Cosentino and none other than Iggy Pop. No details as to how the track will sound, but it’s titled “Let’s Boot and Rally”. All we know is that the sunny fun of Best Coast meeting with a (arguably the) master of protopunk can turn out at the least intriguing. The track will feature in the show’s July 8th episode, but you can hear it earlier, when it premieres on KCRW come July 5th.

The two were quoted in a press release:

“I’ve always liked to bite. I guess this makes me a singing vampire, does this mean I have a license to suck? Hi Bethany…” -Iggy Pop

“What an honor to get to sing with a legend, and for such a fantastic show. What’s up Iggy!” -Bethany Cosentino