Idle Hours feel detached from reality on “In Lipstick”

Following the release of their sophomore EP, Graphic Silence, in November, Salford quartet Idle Hours have released a new single called “In Lipstick” and announced their international debut performance at the New Colossus Festival in New York. 

Of the new track, they say: “It’s a feeling of detachment from reality, an imposter wears your clothes, uses your identity – it brings anxiety to physical form, all in gest with inanimate objects”

Recorded in their home studio, “In Lipstick” is takes cues the UK and NYC 00s guitar scene, while the detective-themed music video, produced with Leo Craig, is slathered in Kubrickian visuals. “In Lipstick” has that familiar melodic guitar from guitarist Tom Ashton and singer/guitarist, Jack Waldron. Bassist Alex Needham delivers his off-kiltered riffs and drummer Jimmy Brown rocks the track. As Beats Per Minute described in our 2022 interview with the band, Idle Hours always use their lyrics for social commentary. “In Lipstick” covers trivial horrors with themes of identity theft by the unlikeliest of criminals.

Watch the video for “In Lipstick” below or find the song on streamers.

New Colossus Festival takes place on the Lower East Side of New York City from March 6-10 – more info here.

You can find Idle Hours on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.