Photo: Kodai Kobayashi(小林光大)

Ichiko Aoba’s Windswept Adan to be released in USA and Europe on vinyl through Ba Da Bing

Ichiko Aoba, purveyor of otherworldly folk music, has been releasing albums in her home country of Japan for a decade, but has only been heard outside of there through file sharing and eventually streaming platforms. Last December, she released Windswept Adan, which we loved and placed among our favourite albums of 2020.

We were far from the only ones to fall for it, and it was only a matter of time until someone took the opportunity to share it to a wider audience. That has turned out to be beloved Brooklyn record label Ba Da Bing (Cassandra Jenkins, Julie Byrne), who will release the album on vinyl with ‘deluxe packaging’ in North America, Europe and the UK this November.

Head to the Ba Da Bing store to see the package, read an essay about Aoba and her newest album, and order your copy.

November still seems a long way off, but Aoba will be livestreaming of her biggest concert ever at Tokyo’s Bunkamura Orchard Hall, with the musicians who helped create Windswept Adan. It will be available to view from June 21 to June 27; full info on that is here.

You can find Ichiko Aoba on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.