Photo: Guy Bolongaro

Hiro Ama shares the joyous house journey “Letter From Lahore”

Hiro Ama is the drummer in English indie pop band Teleman, so you wouldn’t necessarily expect him to put out dancefloor-ready bops under his own name. However, he’s always worked on his own music, and recent remixes of Alabaster de Plume and Rozi Plain showed his predilection for tech-house styling. That’s set to continue on his debut solo EP Uncertainty, which drops on September 4.

Following on from the recent “Broken Satellite”, the second glimpse of the EP comes today in the form of “Letter From Lahore”, which was inspired by exactly what its title suggests. Hiro says:

“I got a letter from a guy I met who’s from Lahore and that’s the song about. I was traveling Pakistan at that time and he sent me a letter to my hostel. No deep meaning or hidden messages but I just didn’t want to forget this incredible trip and this quarantine makes me want to go travel somewhere far so I made this song.”

“Broken Satellite” displayed Hiro’s life-loving approach to music, and “Letter From Lahore” continues that while taking us on a globe-trotting musical trip – in your mind, at least. Built around an immediately infectious synth melody, Hiro imbues “Letter From Lahore” with a light but infectious percussive backbone that gives the song momentum. The central melody continues to evolve, and as it does so it feels as though moving through many scenic world sights, an impression made all the more potent by the deft inclusion of unusual samples and atmospherics. It might only be four minutes, but “Letter From Lahore” feels like a trip of a lifetime.

Hiro Ama’s Uncertainty EP comes out on September 4 through PRAH Recordings. You can find him on Facebook, Bandcamp, Instagram and Twitter.