Photo: Jacob Boll

Hand Habits pulls their gaze outwards on the glorious “No Difference”

Meg Duffy aka Hand Habits kicked off August with the percolating “Aquamarine” and the announcement of her new SASAMI-produced album, Fun House, and today rounds out the month by giving us a second teaser. On the new single, “No Difference”, Duffy says:

“I had spent so much of my life in scarcity and longing for something, feeling like there’s not really a difference between having it all and having nothing. We always want to be seen and heard and understood. But me fixating on not being seen is actually blocking my view from seeing that person, too.”

Returning to the lilting indie-folk of placeholder, Duffy candidly explores their sense of self and space in the world. But, rather than wallow and turn inwards, “No Difference” is imbued with poppy harmonies and infectious “bah bah bah”s that combat the insecurity at play in the words. Electronic tones return as the song progresses, hovering through the track like a UFO, reflecting Duffy’s alienation as they lament “there is no difference between you and me / there is only your reflection / it’s me you couldn’t see.” By the end, with the request “can we wipe it clean?” being uttered before the warm bass and expressive drumming take command, we are left with the distinct impression that this is a hurdle that Duffy and their partner have overcome through their openness, and a new level of intimacy has been reached.

Watch the video for “No Difference” below, or find the song on streaming platforms.

Hand Habits’ new album Fun House arrives on October 22 through Saddle Creek (pre-order/save). You can find Hand Habits on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.