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Hana Vu signs with Ghostly International, shares new single and video “Maker”

LA-based singer-songwriter-producer Hana Vu has been a bit quiet since 2019’s Nicole Kidman / Anne Hathaway, but turns out, that’s simply because big things have been in the works.

Today, she’s revealed her signing to esteemed label Ghostly International, as well as released her latest single, “Maker”.

It’s quite the evolution for the singer: following the self-produced (and truly excellent) efforts How Many Times Have You Driven By and Nicole Kidman / Anne Hathaway, she’s linked up with a co-producer for the very first time. Jackson Phillips of Day Wave has joined her for “Maker”, adding even further depth and sheen to her already impactful sound.

As for the song itself, it’s among Vu’s most expansive and layered melodies to date, boasting a truly pretty backdrop that seems to surge and swirl beneath her ever-recognizable, devastatingly emotive contralto and piercing, insightful lyricism. Put simply, it’s a damn stunner.

Check out the song, along with its video, directed by Lucy Sandler, below. Speaking on the video, Sandler shares, “I think we have a lot to learn from children’s versions of reality – their complete and utter presence in the moment, their curiosity and complicated dichotomy of fragility and bravery. In ‘Maker’ I want the little girl to speak to everyone’s inner child, and remind us that nothing has really changed. We are still allowed to feel lost and search for meaning in everything we encounter, that the journey may be long and scary but we will all end up back in the fold of safety eventually or just where we’re meant to be.

Watch the clip below or listen to “Maker” on streaming platforms.

You can find Hana Vu on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.