Hana Bryanne shares the powerful and poetic “Clementine”

Hana Bryanne is a 20-year-old LA artist who will instantly remind you of Julia Jacklin and Phoebe Bridgers on her new single “Clementine”. In addition to being a songwriter, Bryanne is also an accomplished poet and essayist, so perhaps she’ll also be our next Mary Oliver or Joan Didion.

Her new single “Clementine” is a touching song about Hana’s mother. Says the artist: “I originally wrote this song as a country ballad, but there was this pulsing undercurrent to the melody that we felt could work really well as a dance song, which is sort of out of my wheelhouse. I love songs with a danceable beat and really sad lyrics, and this production avenue made it easier for me to sing the song without crying, which is a plus.”

Bryanne released several attention-getting singles in early summer as she builds up to the release of her debut album Dollface on September 15. Her acoustic guitar-driven song “Dollface” is an inviting indie-folk opus. And she brings uptempo energy to the catchy “Susannah At The Wedding.”

Every now and then we get artists like Joni Mitchell and Toni Childs who reveal prodigious talent at an early age – and you can add Hana Bryanne to that list. It’s hard to predict whether her first big hit will be a book of poems or an album.

Listen to “Clementine” below, or find it on your favorite streaming service.

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