Halo Kitsch survives trauma on “I Was A Virgin (On Drugs)”

LA artist Halo Kitsch takes a musical chainsaw to her tormentor on the new single “i was a virgin (on drugs)”. This banger draws its inspiration from a line in the first Avatar movie about “daisy cutters”: people who attempt to destroy something innocent.

Bottom line, this is a story about a boy who nearly frickin’ ruined a girl,” says Halo. “But the good news is, and the strength resonating through the song is… I’m still here, I’m just mad as hell. So, he failed. I think everyone’s been the daisy before, whether it was life, circumstance, or relationships that tried to cut them down. I found forgiveness for myself in this song when I finally admitted that I wasn’t the only one at fault, that in some way I’d fallen victim and still came out alive on the other side. I’m not really sure what tool someone would use to cut down a daisy… Scissors? A lawn mower? But it felt more to me like my antagonist was using a chainsaw. My wish for this song is that it hands the chainsaw back to my listeners.”

Last summer, Halo released the fabulous track “(i like to be) lonely”, which sounds a bit like Chrissie Hynde jamming with Tom Petty. Atop the glistening guitars, Halo is the ultimate rock rebel, singing “caught in a vortex, on and off my meds like it’s good sex, or ice cream and high-speed internet, cocaine and American cigarettes.”

Some artists carefully craft a brand, while others (like Halo) are magnificently raw and believable. She may never wear a heavenly halo, but she’s making some of today’s most mesmerizing music.

Listen to “i was a virgin (on drugs) below, or find it on the streaming services.

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