Hallie’s “Shift The Focus” is a springboard to stardom as she releases debut EP

Australian artist Hallie has many of the gifts that have propelled MUNA and Holly Humberstone to international acclaim. The queer singer/producer has an intoxicating voice and a knack for writing shimmering, hooky choruses, as proven by the debut EP, This Is Love, out today.

Their new single and EP highlight “Shift The Focus” is a melodic gem that takes a surprisingly mature look at a fading relationship. On the new song, Hallie says:

“The song is about the end stages of a romantic relationship and realizing it can’t be forever but finding peace and acceptance in that. At the time my partner and I were nearing the end of our journey together and we always knew it would end, especially being in our early 20’s. We both felt that we didn’t know if we had much more to learn from each other. It was freeing being able to share that and destigmatize the end having to be a negative thing. Instead, we could share the sadness and surrender to that moment, enjoying that we were still in love in the present and letting that be enough.”

This Is Love is a five-track release that includes their previous single “Do It” – one of the most memorable power-pop songs from last year.

The artist adds: “The new EP is about my journey with love: falling out of love, dealing with heartbreak, and navigating queer love, polyamory, openness and reframing relationships in a way that feels healthy and authentic to me. These songs were pinnacle parts of that journey for me, as I was working out what love looks like for me, away from all the social expectation and noise.”

Hallie feels destined to join the ranks of L Devine, Hayley Kiyoko and other artists whose musings on sexuality and relationships are expressed as unforgettable pop songs.

Watch the video for “Shift The Focus” below or listen to the whole This Is Love EP on streaming platforms.

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