Photo: Ali Cherkis

Half Waif delivers the existential “Party’s Over”

Half Waif, aka Nandi Rose, isn’t slowing down. Having shared the first taste of an upcoming special 7” last month with “Orange Blossoms”, she’s returned with the second single from the surprise project, “Party’s Over”.

Where “Blossoms” was meditative and serene, “Party’s Over” is direct, attempting to embrace the potential within quarantined life. Rose explains, “How many times have I stood on the outside, wanting to be inside? This song is a reminder to myself that maybe I’m seeing it backwards, and the outside is actually the better place to be. There’s a sense of richness at the margins, where the shadows darken.

The track opens starkly, quietly, as Rose’s overpowering vocals and static percussion gradually enter the picture, a song for roaming the empty streets of our present reality, much as the artist does in the video.

Indeed, “Party’s Over” paints quite a different picture of Rose than “Orange Blossoms”, where there she sought solace within fragility and grace. Here she’s exuberant, defiant, even, dare we say, badass in her motorcycle getup. The pounding catchiness of the song matches her.

Watch the video for “Party’s Over” below or listen to it on streaming platforms.

The “Orange Blossoms” b/w “Party’s Over” 7” is released today via ANTI- – buy it here. With any luck, stay tuned for much more from the ever-working Half Waif in 2021. For now, follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.