Photo: Imogene Von Barron

HAAi delivers techno infused with hope in “Head Above The Parakeets” and “Rotating in Unison”

HAAi is the moniker of Australian-born, London-based producer Teneil Throssell, who has been floating in the English capital’s vibrant electronic scene for a few years. At the end of 2019 she released Systems Up, Windows Down, her first EP for Mute, and on September 11 she’ll be following it up with a new four-track offering called Put Your Head Above The Parakeets.

Ahead of the full EP’s release, she has shared two of the tracks. On “Head Above The Parakeets” she has created an all-encompassing techno track that feels light and inspiring, filled with expansive synths and garbled-yet-warm vocal samples that rotate dashingly around a couple of central rhythms.

The other track, “Rotating in Unison”, she says was “made to highlight beauty and coexistence as we all rotate around the sun. To try and remember beauty and calm in a time of uncertainty and unrest, even for just a few minutes” – and this gorgeously crackling and bubbling production certainly facilitates that.

You can listen to both now on streaming platforms. Below you can watch the video for “Head Above The Parakeets”, about which HAAi says: “This video was made from footage from some of my favourite festivals and shows over the past year, some of my own visuals and some that were made for my 2019 Sonar show by INSRT. It’s a nostalgic, psychedelic nod to the job and people I love so much and a reaction to the whirlwind that was my life for the past couple of years.

HAAi’s new EP Put Your Head Above The Parakeets comes out on September 11 through Mute. You can find her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.