Grete is soulful and sophisticated on “Cz U Don’t”

If you’re looking for something with real sizzle and sophistication, check out the new single “cz u don’t” by Grete, who grew up in Lithuania and now lives in Manchester, UK. On the new track, she plays around with jazzy chord progressions and time signatures, yet the final result is achingly beautiful, not academic.

“I’m a big fan of complicated, ‘nerdy’ music,” says Grete. “I like to experiment and use chords that are spicier.” She cites influences like MARO and Yebba, but her music is even more adventurous, in my opinion. Grete’s previous single “How Long” starts out smooth and enchanting before building to a prog-rock finale worthy of Queen’s Brian May.

If every young musician from Lithuania is this mega-talented, I’m booking a flight to Vilnius to sign new artists. Grete definitely feels like a star on the rise.

Listen to “cz u don’t” below, or find it on the streaming services.

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