Gray Dens traces the contours of a faded long-term relationship in the elegiac “Digital Sky”

Gray Dens is an emerging project spearheaded by Southern California native Grady Penna with assistance from Melbourne-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Jayden Williams. They have a self-titled debut EP arriving on February 17 and have today shared the new single “Digital Sky”. They say:

““Digital Sky” takes a decade-long relationship and distils it into a few key moments. Though not told in chronological order, the track details snapshots from the relationship and how it evolved over time. From trying to rekindle a lost love, to seeing each other in person for the last time, and eventually transitioning into a relationship solely lived through our current digital landscape, “Digital Sky” is a sobering look at how a once intimate relationship can become distorted through the veil of social media.”

Despite the sadness inherent in reflecting on a failed relationship, Gray Dens make sure there is also uplift and bittersweetness in “Digital Sky”, a twinkling indie anthem that invites you to indulge in past memories, even if there is a dose of regret that comes with it. Penna sings of moments both vivid and ephemeral, bringing the outline of the relationship to life in the way he emotes and delivers his remembrances of the desire and emotional magnetism he once had for the other. Ultimately, the pain of the loss collapses the song inwards, with Gray Dens stripping back for the chorus, where Penna intones; “Take all of my self / ‘Till there’s nothing left / Give everything back / When we fall apart”. The song winds up with him distanced from this former flame, seeing them only through the numbing artificial lens of social media; a very modern sensation that we can all empathise with.

Check out “Digital Sky” below or find it on your preferred streamer.

Gray Dens’ Gray Dens EP arrives on February 17 through Revolver Records (pre-save). You can find the band on Bandcamp, Twitter and Instagram.