Photo: Samuel Metzger

Grace Ives settles into the couch for the homebody bop “Lullaby”, announces new album

Brooklyn purveyor of perky alt-pop Grace Ives has announced her new album Janky Star will be released on June 10 through True Panther/Harvest/EMI. The news brings with it a new song called “Lullaby”, with Ives saying:

“Living the same day over and over again. This song is about the comfort and anxiety that comes with isolating yourself. Homebody’s anthem.“

Of course all of us had to live an isolated life in recent years, but some just enjoy doing that even when the world is open, and “Lullaby” is an anthem for those people. With popping percussion and bobbing keys, it has a jaunty energy that Ives accentuates with her lighthearted admissions of watching the same movie 10 times over on repeat. “What a lovely mess,” she croons, which could equally be about her surroundings or her life in general. It’s not an entirely carefree track though, as she guides “Lullaby” into a more self-reflective, tender breakdown, telling us “it’s nothing to be sad about / It’s just something I’ve been thinking about.” Clearly, there’s a lot more on her mind than the latest straight-to-Netflix offering, and hopefully we’ll get to hear a lot more about it on Janky Star.

Watch the video for “Lullaby” below or find it on streaming platforms.

Grace Ives’ new album Janky Star comes out on June 10 through True Panther/Harvest/EMI (pre-order/save). You can find her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.