Photo: Pe Testard

Global Network explore the dangers of extraterrestrial love and emotional subjugation in the video for “Your Love” (BPM Premiere)

Loris Sasso and Nils Peschanski both grew up in the suburbs surrounding Paris, outside of the people-choked lanes of that iconic city. This allowed each of them room to explore their individual rhythmic preferences and to develop a process of creation unfettered by the larger demands of Parisian musical climes. Adapting everything from Radiohead and Jamie xx to Justin Timberlake and Frank Ocean, the duo have reconstructed a sort of neo-R&B aesthetic which they’ve filtered through the complex circuital timbres of their sprawling electronica. Founded in 2018, Global Network is the vehicle through which they dismantle and reshape these expansive sounds, giving life to something that feels equally timeless and futurist in its production.

The duo will release their latest EP, Cool Moments, on May 22, and its miles-deep grooves and melodies anchor a series of explorations into the complicated details of joy and communal pleasure, surrounded by bouts of rhythmic minimalism and maximalist sensations. Trading in sophisticated hooks and instantly memorable melodies, they fashion an atmosphere where the synthetic nature of their influences gives way to a more emotionally-grounded lyrical insight.

And now the band has now shared the video for “Your Love”, a wild and visually mesmerizing glimpse into the realm of emotional domination that plays out within a sci-fi environment. Directed by Anh Phi Cako, the clip follows our extraterrestrial antagonist as she travels the stars, drawing ever closer to Sasso and beginning the process of subsuming his identity and physical self. The track deals in sparse beats, plinking electronics and gossamer vocals that gently ebb and flow over this gorgeous musical landscape. Eventually there is release, and the song blossoms into a synth-soaked wonderland of overwhelming emotion and hypnotic revelations.

“Among the group of creatives, Anh Phi Cako had met with Wii-ki, a budding digital artist whose mesmerizing visuals we believed were a perfect fit with our sound,” the band explains. “Thus, the wheels were set in motion for this music video.”

Wii-ki adds: “It is a metaphor for how a person or an idea of a person and her ‘ways’ of love can change everything that had come before. It’s about being consumed, diffused by love and to give up.”